Job Application

We have multiple openings for various positions. It takes 10-15 minutes to fill this form and your job application for will reach to Suaki office immediately.

With Covid pandemic on the rise, it is important to have a company that can secure jobs for you and your loved ones. Suaki is the perfect company to join. We are the fastest growing digital marketing company in Odisha, and they have the resources to help you get the job you want. We are also on the forefront of creating value for their customers.

Why Should You Join Suaki?

  • Maximum Employment Rate
  • Working Since 2020 (even in Corona Pandemic)
  • 30+ employees presently active
  • Provides opportunity to scale up your vision and educational growth
  • Allows academic study along with job
  • Day shift only to secure and provide healthy practices
  • Strong support o regular activities
  • Company has multi-dimensional visionary growth
  • Keeping Promise on timing and wages
  • Company works with local and international brands (clients)
  • Apply before 30 August 2022 without any charge.

Document Required Full size Photo
10th Certificate
+2 Certificate
Additional Certificates add more value
Application Fee ₹100.00

One application allowed for each candidate. You may re-apply after 4 months if your CV/Resume is not considered or if you are not get selected on this season. In a single application you may apply for multiple post. Your post can also be altered after interview as per discussion.

We have strict policy on behavior, communication and background check.